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Solar System Monitoring

PV Solar System Monitoring

System monitoring via the inbuilt features of the inverters, can provide you real time information about the health and output of your PV system including its energy production rate at various times throughout the day. During commissioning of our installations, we will show you how to set this up. The system can be accessed by a free application on your phone or computer.

As we only use tier 1 inverter products, it means that we are also connected to the inverter company’s fault monitoring system. If there is any detected performance problem, you and Pivotrom will be alerted by email.

Pivotrom also periodically checks on your system’s performance.

Net Energy Consumption Monitoring

For a more sophisticated monitoring regime, you can have a “smart meter” installed alongside your inverter that will give you real time information about your net energy consumption. In addition to the energy production information from your PV system, you can also see the quantity of energy that you are drawing from the grid or delivering to the grid.

The combination of the PV solar production and the energy drawn to or from the grid will give you your instantaneous net energy consumption in your home or your business.

Smart meters can be fitted at the time of system installation if requested.