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Solar System Design & Installation

If the project proceeds, we will organise the installation around the client’s activities to minimise disruptions and inconvenience.

Following installation, we will assist the client with any further interaction with the energy provider such as AGL, Origin Energy etc, and provide advice about seeking out the best retail contracts available for grid connected solar systems if you need our help.

We will also provide the client with a comprehensive close out report that includes;

  • Executive Summary
  • Marked up line electrical line diagrams if necessary
  • Certificate of Electrical Compliance
  • Brand type size warranties and technical specifications of the solar modules
  • Brand and warranties for the PV mounting Framework
  • Brand type size warranties and technical specifications of inverters
  • Wiring & connections & relevant data logger card & communications card if this is a part of the project scope
  • Details of maintenance required for ongoing operations

Accredited designer & installer: Our designer and installer is accredited as per the Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Our design work is personalised. We do not cookie cut. The ultimate goal is to  design a system that meets your personal objectives, whether that means the best return on investment or maximising the available roof space so that you can take  advantage of batteries at some future time. We also conduct a simple energy audit as a part of our service to be sure that you are using the most energy efficient devices and you are using them at the optimum time of day.