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Repairs and Maintenance

From time to time, there maybe some issue with the performance of your system due to an equipment failure.

If we have carried out the installation, then no need to worry, you have warranty protection. We rarely have this happen. BUT unfortunately, we are regularly contacted by system owners, where the installer no longer exists and/or the retailer has also disappeared! This is where most of our repair business is generated.

A solar PV system is a complex electricity-generating piece of equipment, and to keep it safe and operating efficiently, it is vital to both maintain your system and operate it safely. A maintenance schedule will be provided by Pivotrom with any of our installations.

This is necessary to ensure that:

  • it is operating correctly
  • the system performance is maintained
  • the system is safe for everyone in the premises as well as for any electrical workers working on the distribution network

Make sure you engage a CEC-accredited installer to undertake maintenance work on your solar PV system. Maintaining your system means much more than just cleaning your panels. An accredited installer will check that the system is functioning safely and efficiently, allowing you to maximise the savings on your power bills for years to come. Some distributors may request that an anti-islanding test of the inverter be carried out periodically. Check with your distributor as each will have different requirements.

If you have an issue with any solar PV product while it is under warranty, you should first contact the supplier in order to have the product replaced or repaired. If you are unable to contact the supplier, you should contact the manufacturer. Contact details should be provided on the warranty documentation. The Australian Consumer Law also provides a range of protections for consumers in relation to warranties and faults. The Clean Energy Council will investigate complaints involving workmanship issues that breach the Accreditation Guidelines or relevant Australian Standards by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer. This does not extend to solar retailers, unless the company identifies itself as an Approved Solar Retailer. Pivotrom is an approved solar retailer.