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Industrial & Commercial

We believe that the best Return On Investment targets are medium sized industrial or commercial operations that conduct business ostensibly during the daylight hours where the system capacity is designed to be just below the point where energy is exported to the grid.

On projects that we have designed, we have achieved excellent returns on investment, generally between 3-5 years. Our energy audit and design stage will determine the expected Return On Investment of a solar system on the client’s facility.

Understanding your energy consumption is the first step in determining if solar PV is a viable investment. A detailed and professional analysis of your consumption patterns compared to the expected generation from your solar system should be provided by your CEC-accredited designer during the design and specification stage, as part of their load analysis. This process is crucial because it forms the basis of the financial returns from your system. To get the best value from your solar system it is important that you ensure you are using energy efficiently before you install solar PV.

For example, upgrading to energy efficient equipment such as LED lighting or efficient heating and cooling systems will reduce your overall energy needs and the size of solar system required. It is important that energy efficiency upgrades are completed before you install solar to avoid oversizing your system.